Merkava Mk. IV – Running gear

Not always you can paint the whole model after completing its assembly because you might not be able to easy access some parts of it, like for this Merkava Mk. IV.

The side skirts cover most of the tracks of the Merkava. For this reason I found convenient painting the running gear before assembling the rest of the hull.

I painted the wall and the suspensions with an heterogeneous coat of dark brown. Moreover, in order to provide a base for further weatherings, I darkened the shadows with black. Note however that very little of it will be visible, after completing the assembling.

I airbrushed the wheels, the return rollers and the sprockets with the acrylic paint Vallejo 70.991 Dark Sea Grey, then I faded them in the center with the same color lightened with Vallejo 70.976 Buff. After that, I painted the rubber edges of the wheels with a fine paintbrush, using a mix of black and Dark Sea Grey, and I colored the steel edges of the return rollers with Model Master 1780 Steel enamel.

Finally, I airbrushed the tracks with a very dark brown.

This is how the fully assembled running gear looks like, with and without the upper hull.

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