C1 Ariete – Photo gallery

This scale model represents a C1 Ariete, the first tank produced in Italy since the end of the Second World War.

This is the second model I built, I started it at the end of 2010. I painted also this one with paintbrush and Humbrol enamels (I used 105 Marine Green for the base color). The washes are less heavy than in the previous model and this time I also added some dust, using artists' pastels.

The kit is a Trumpeter, no. 332, quite well detailed, easy to assemble and with only few gaps to fill. The tracks are of fair quality, made with vinyl, though they can't compete with styrene or metal ones.

An issue is the decals on the turret front: those included in the kit have a shape of parallelogram, whereas the actual insignia are rectangular. For this reason, I painted them by myself with a brush (with Humbrol 100 Red Brown enamel).

The pastels I used for the dust are brown and yellow ochre. Moreover, I used the black one for coloring the engine exhausts.

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