Tiger Ausf. E/H1 – Photo gallery

This Tiger tank scale model is the first I built. It’s far from perfect, but it made me love scale modeling!

This model is the first I made, starting its building in September 2010.

It depicts the famous Tiger heavy tank, used by Germany during the Second World War. You can find further historical notes about it here.

This kit is by Italeri (no. 286), quite easy to assemble but with some small inaccuracies. It contains also some details of the turret interior and of the engine compartment.

I painted it with a paintbrush, using Humbrol enamels (the base is in 63 Sand), and I weathered it —too much— with heavy oil washes and a lot of scratches. I made far too much mistakes, but this model represented to me a starting point for this hobby!

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