Churchill Mk. IV – Assembling

This Churchill Mk. IV kit is well detailed, with a long but not difficult assembling. A separate set of track is nonetheless a better option.

The Churchill is often regarded as "ugly", but it has nonetheless its own charm! I bought this very good AFV kit (no. 35154), reproducing the Mk. IV version of the tank.

The kit is of a very good quality, and it also includes a brass barrel (even with the internal rifling), photo-etched parts and a pair of rubber band tracks. The suspensions, with shock adsorbers made of true springs, are completely mobile. Their assembly is tricky, but the final effect makes up for the time you spent!

The joins fit well almost everywhere, except a gap that I had to fill in the forward left part of the hull. The two halves of the turret have an horizontal join line present also in some photos of the real tank. Thus, I didn't sand it but I rather re-texturized the surfaces with some putty (diluted with acetone) and an old stiff paintbrush.

Finally, I used these workable AFV (no. 35156) plastic tracks instead of the rubber ones of the kit. The level of detail will improve for sure!

Questo Churchill Mk. IV è molto dettagliato, con un montaggio lungo ma non difficile. Però vale la pena comprare un set di cingoli separato.

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