Panzer II “Luchs” – Assembling

The small size of this model of Panzer II Ausf. L “Luchs” let me complete its assembly in just a couple of days.

I bought this kit (no. 35121), produced by the Ukrainian firm ICM, representing the smallest of the German "felines" that went in service during the Second World War.

I made it out-of-the-box, except for the tracks, for which I used the very good Friulmodel ATL-36 metal tracks, replacing the plastic ones included in the kit. Due to the small size of the model and to the relatively few pieces, I managed to assemble it in a couple of days.

The detail level is quite good, no joints needed to be filled. The assembling went quick and smooth.

I made only one important modification on the spare tracks, that originally were a single piece: with a cutter I removed the lower bar with its brackets, whereas I made the upper one with a piece left from another kit. Thus I used the remaining Friul treads, obtaining a better detail.

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