Panzer II “Luchs” – Weathering (part 1)

Instead of always building a brand new tank, sometimes I like it a bit “worn out”, like I did for this model of Panzer II “Luchs”.

I chose to not weather the tank too much, as it's hard to find a vehicle with such a long operating life to let it wear. Moreover, no crew would keep its vehicle in such bad conditions!

For the weathering I used two colors, all acrylics Vallejo Model Color (in my opinion, the best with the paintbrush): no. 70.976 Buff for the yellow, and a 50%-50% mix of no. 70.872 Chocolate Brown and no. 70.950 Black for the rust. I painted the scratches either with a 3/0 fine paintbrush or using the sponge technique.

I imagined that the green and brown bands had been sprayed over the base. In this way, a scratch in one of these zones should had first uncovered the underlying yellow and only after the bare metal. For this reason, in some points I left only "light" scratches in buff, in others I added inside them some rust color.

Click here for part 2!

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