Panzer II “Luchs” – Weathering (part 2)

I finished the weathering part of this Panzer II “Luchs” scale model adding some dust and mud effects to the hull and to the running gear.

I figured out that on a tank that could move fast, like the Luchs, the dirt would build up more in the rear part than in the front one. Thus, I put mostly there splashes of mud and dust effects.


First I dusted the parts with Russian Earth pigment by Mig, lightened in some parts with Europe Dust of the same brand. Then I put some drops of raw umber oil color to simulate the zones where the mud is still wet.

After that, I mixed the same pigments with some drops of white spirit, then I applied them onto the bristles of an old toothbrush; finally, I rubbed a toothpick on those bristles, so the damp pigment sprayed onto the surfaces and resulted in a realistic mud splash effect.

Running gear

I painted the tank tracks with a dark brown base and assebled them onto the model. Then I applied on them a mix of Dark Mud and Russian Earth pigments, baking soda and white glue, cleaning only the track treads.

After it had dried, I put here and there some drops of AK Interactive Fresh Mud, to simulate wet mud. Finally I rubbed the tip of a soft pencil onto the track treads, thus giving them a polished metal look.

I painted the wall of the running gear with a mix of white spirit and Dark Mud pigment. While it was still wet, I dabbed on it other dry pigments (Europe Dust, Russian Earth, Concrete and Light Dust). After it dried, finally, I applied some drops of AK Interactive Fresh Mud.

I had applied pigments and Fresh Mud also on the wheels, but the effect was too heavy and hid the details. Thus I repainted them with Naples yellow and ochre yellow oil colors, and I eventually reapplied the selective wash in Mars black.

Other details

During the final phases I added some details. Among these the spare tracks, weathered separately and added at the end.

Then come the aerials, in spring steel wire (diameter 0.3 mm, 0.01 in). The holders are in brass, produced by RB Model, kindly offered by my friend Augusto.

I should have painted the holders, actually made of rubber, in the same color of the camo, but I rather preferred to leave them in the original color, made of a mix of black, grey and a drop of ultramarine blue.

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