Hetzer – Camouflage painting

This kit came with an handy mask used to paint a “lights and shadows” camouflage scheme, which made the coloring phase very simple.

The scheme proposed by the instructions is the so-called "Licht und Schatten Tarnung" ("light and shadows camouflage", also known as "ambush camouflage").

It consists in dark yellow ("Dunkelgelb"), olive green ("Olivgrün") and red brown ("Rotbraun") patches with solid rounded borders, overlapped with yellow and green small triangles. It's clearly visible in the following historical photo:

For discussion only.
"Licht und Schatten Tarnung" camouflage scheme

(Only for discussion purposes)


The painting, after an initial coat of primer, has been performed in several phases. Each phase consisted in coats of base color and lighter shades, trying to apply the latters in adjacent areas, thus giving an even look.

1. Dark yellow
2. First mask
3. Red brown
4. Second mask
5. Olive green
6. Masks removal

Final result

You can see the final result in the following photos.

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