Hetzer – Weathering

Adding a weathering to this scale model of Hetzer was useful to give a more realisti look to the entire work.

The weathering on this model is similar to that performed on other works already seen before. I started with "dotted" oil color filters, that blended together the various colors of the camo. Then I continued adding effects of rust, dust, and oil and fuel stains.

Rust and scratches

I weathered the rusted parts using Mig pigments (Ochre Rust, Standard Rust and Light Rust). The exhaust looks "flatter" than it really is.

I painted the worn parts dabbing them with a small sponge dipped in a mix of brown and black paint.

The tow cable is a cotton thread dipped in water and vinylic glue to stiffen it. After painting it, I weathered it with oil color (burnt Sienna) and pigments.


The oil stains are in acrylic paint, a mix of black and clear gloss.

I painted the rust stains with Burnt Sienna oil color; I rubbed the chipped borders with a soft pencil to make it look like bare metal.

Light effects

I dry-brushed the upper parts of the panels with Naples Yellow oil color, in order to make the color hue lighter.


Finally, I painted the tracks in dark brown and I dusted them with pigments (Europe Dust and Russian Earth); after that I rubbed their treads with a soft pencil to simulate the worn metal.

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