M3 Grant – Photo gallery

I left the hatches of this M3 Grant open in order to show the interiors. Here’s the photo gallery of my work.

This is my 15th model, a U.S.-built medium tank M3 Grant used by the British Commnwealth forces. It took a year, from January 2015 to January 2016... but it has been worth it!

You can see the entire work step-by-step here.

Assembling & painting

The assembling has been quite simple, though I had to fill some seams. I used Friulmodel ATL-47 metal tracks. I simulated the tarpaulin covering the base of the 75 mm gun with some tissue paper soaked with water and vinyl glue.

For the painting I used Vallejo acrylic paints, in particular 71.075 Sand as base, faded with 70.976 Buff. The rubber parts are in a mix of black, grey and blue, whereas the wooden one are painted in Buff.

The weathering consists only in an oil wash with van Dyck brown, ochre and Naples yellow oil filters, and a dry brushing with white. Finally, I dusted everything with Mig pigments.

Photo gallery

Here are the photos of the finished model of the M3 Grant!

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