Semovente da 75/18 – Diorama

In order to give some context to this model of an Italian Semovente da 75/18, I chose to make a simple diorama using the included figures.

Some time after assembling this model of Semovente da 75/18, I decided to paint also the miniatures, that I had previously left in the box... and since I was there, I also built a small diorama!

You can see the whole work here.


The miniatures are those shipped with the model, representing a First Lieutenant of the Bersaglieri shock troops and a tank crew member. The details are quite good. I painted them with Vallejo Model Color acrylics, plus an acrylic wash Agrax Earthshade by Citadel. The insignia, on the other hand, are decals.


The base depicts a concrete slabs paving, covered with desert dust. I used a plain Plasticard sheet, on which I etched the contours of the slabs with a cutter. Afterwards, I applied a mix of sand and vinyl glue, highly diluted with water, and I painted it with a thin coat of Buff color. Finally, I finished it with a Burnt Umber oil wash and some pigments.

Here's how the complete diorama of the Semovente da 75/18 model looks like.

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