7,5 cm PaK 40 – Photo gallery

I experimented with this model of German PaK 40 anti-tank gun. Simple and quick to build, I made a small but interesting diorama out of it.

My 18th model is not this time an armored vehicle, but the German PaK 40 anti-tank gun. I found it on a shelf in a model shop, and I completed it in two weeks, in the second half of May 2016.


The kit is the fairly good Tamiya no. 35047, that is not affected at all by its 41 years of age! Details are crisp, assembling is easy and quick, and all parts of the cannon remain moveable. You can change elevation and traverse, and put it either in firing position or in transport arrangement. The only flaw is the low-detailed figures, but I like the dynamism of their postures.

In the box you will find three sprues, one for gun, shield and shells, another for carriage and wheels, and the third one for the crew. There is also an instruction sheet (in English and in Japanese) with the assembling guide and an exhaustive historical description. The color reference is printed on the box itself.


I chose to paint this PaK 40 gun model with the typical Dunkelgrau (dark grey) color, whereas for the figures I followed the instructions on the box.

First I cut a small pentagonal base from a plastic sheet. I covered it with a mix of white glue, water, pigments, dirt and volcanic ash. I used a different mixture for each pigment, laying it on different zones and trying to blend their contours. Once dried, I put more dry pigments, mainly where the crew would have been more busy. You can see the result in the following test photos.

Moreover, I added here and there, some gun shells already included in the kit. I painted them with brass enamel and grey and white acrylic. I did not include, however, the shell box, because it actually contained the 50 mm shells of the PaK 38, so it wasn't suited for this diorama.

Finally, I put some railway model grass here and there, giving a bit more color to the entire scene.

Photo gallery

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