Spähpanzer 2 Luchs – Gallery

Photo gallery of the Spähpanzer 2 Luchs, a reconnaissance armored vehicle used by the German armed forces until few decades ago.

The 19th model I have finished is an armored vehicle used by the German armed forces until few years ago. It took me quite some time to complete it, from March 2014 to June 2016, because I could work on it only during my vacations. So here's to you the photo gallery of my Spähpanzer 2 Luchs!

You can see the entire work step-by-step here.

Filters and washes

The washes highlight the small details, otherwise barely visible, whereas the filters change the hues and allow the different colors to be better blended.

I made some pin washes with oil color, using van Dyck Brown for almost all the details. For the engine grills and around the hatches I used the black instead. Afterwards, I applied a thin Raw Umber oil filter.

To seal and protect the underlying paint, I gave a layer of matt varnish. Then, I applied a thin layer of buff on the lower hull, that simulates the dust accumulating during the vehicle movement. Finally, I put some pigments, especially on the wheels and on the lower hull.


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