Nashorn – Photo gallery

Here’s the photo gallery of my model of Nashorn, a German self-propelled gun used as tank destroyer during the Second World War.

The 22nd model I completed depicts a German tank destroyer of the Second World War. I built it from September 2016 to July 2017. In this post I'll show you a brief overview of the construction steps, as well as the photo gallery of the finished model of my Nashorn!

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Assembling and painting

The kit is a Dragon (no. 6165), of very good quality and highly detailed.

In the box we find 9 bags with the sprues and the hull, all in light grey styrene, the instructions (in color) and a decal sheet.

The assembling is straightforward, I didn't encounter big issues. Ejector pin marks are hardly noticeable (except those at the sides of the front hull) and I needed to fill very few seams.

The tracks are single-link type, more laborious to assemble but giving better result. Moreover, I used an aluminium and brass turned barrel by RB Model (model no. 35B81) instead of the original plastic one.

I painted the model with an airbrush, using Vallejo Model Color acrylics. I followed one of the schemas in the instruction sheet. The camouflage consists in a base of dark yellow (Dunkelgelb) with ondulating horizontal strips in brown (Schokoladebraun).

For the weathering, I used oil colors and Mig pigments, working mainly on the lower hull and on the running gear.

Top: after the assembling. Bottom: after the painting.
Top: after the assembling. Bottom: after the painting.

Photo gallery

While I was taking the pictures for the photo gallery of the Nashorn, I thought that this model alone could not give the idea of its size, so I decided to create a diorama. You will see it in the next post!

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