Nashorn – Diorama

Seeing how it didn’t look well all alone, I decided to make a diorama for this Nashorn, a German tank destroyer of the Second World War.

A beautiful model like this Nashorn needed for sure a diorama of its own! 😉


I chose to set the diorama with the model of the Nashorn in a urban road of a Soviet city. There, two crew members take a moment of relax. I wanted a peaceful setting, rather than an action scene. Thus, I gave to the diorama the title Schließlich ein ruhiger Moment!, that is "Finally a quiet moment!".

First of all, I used a base made from styrofoam, covered by some plasticard sheet pieces and detailed with some sand and diorama accessories. I tried to represent the paved stone floor of a city square, where the vehicle stopped briefly to make some maintenance operatione. Coming from the countryside, moreover, the Nashorn left some muddy traces of the tracks.

You can find a detailed description of how I made this base in this post.

nashorn model diorama


The metal figures are by Friulmodel. They depict two tank crewmen (a lieutenant and a private) of the armored troops. The first one smoking a cigarette while the other one is drinking from a canteen.


Then I added several tools taken from a Tamiya detail set. First of all the drinking fountain near to the drain grate, to which I also added some patches of wet surface with clear gloss varnish:

Moreover, there are fuel drums and jerry cans, helmets, ammo boxes and several weapons:

The bucket is a brass article from RB Model (model no. 35A09), whereas I made the rag with tissue paper soaked in water and vinyl glue:

Other details

To give the scene a bit more of realism, I added two papers of the time: an issue of the Soviet newspaper Pravda (Правда) and one of the German magazine Signal, of the period June-July 1943. Moreover, I made the box from scratch using balsa wood.

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