Leopard 1A4 (1:72) – Diorama

I put into a diorama this small model of a Leopard 1A4 in 1:72 scale, and here’s to you an original Christmas gift!

I built my first 1:72 scale model, a Leopard 1A4 in a diorama, as a Christmast gift for a friend!

This is my 23rd model, built from late October to middle December 2017. I had already made the same model before in 1:35 scale, but this time, because of room shortage, I chose a smaller size. Thus, for the historical notes, you can read this post.


The kit is by Italeri, simple to assemble and quite detailed for its scale. It didn't take too long to assemble, due to its small size. However, I had to pay some attention to the smaller details.

Quite interestingly, the tracks were not a single vinyl band, but made of several styrene pieces. This allowed me a better control of the track fitting to the wheels.


The camo scheme is the same of its 1:35 counterpart, I even used the same base paints, that is Lifecolor UA303 (FS 34094 Green) and Lifecolor UA223 (Olive Drab Faded Type 1), both water base acrylics. For the details, instead, I used Vallejo Model Color acrylics.

Then I performed the weathering and the dry-brushing with oil colors. In particular, I made Van Dyck Brown washes everywhere except on the engine grill, where I used Mars Black. For the dry brushing, instead, I used Red Naples Yellow, that blends perfectly with the green to create a nice desaturation effect.


I put the diorama of the Leopard 1A4 in a transparent case, to protect the model from the dust. On its base I applied a compound of pumice and resin by Vallejo (Ground Texture 26.213 Rough Grey Pumice), specific for simulating terrain.

I colored it in dark gray and irregularly faded it with sepia and light grey washes, in order to not give a too much homogeneous appearance. Finally, I built a small Plasticard stand to put a plaque with information and a small inscription.

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