CV 33 – Interiors

This model of CV 33 Italian tankette includes the interiors. Once I’ll complete it, very little of those will be visible, thus I’ll show them here.

The interiors of a scale model, like those of this CV 33, are not always completely visible once the work is completed. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean they don't deserve any attention!

This kit is produced by Bronco (article CB-35006). It represents an early version of the CV 33, with the armor plates welded instead of riveted.

Inside the box we find five sand-colored sprues plus a transparent one, the decal sheet and the instructions.


Overall the detail level is good. The interiors are divided into a front part and a rear one, separated by a bulkhead. The former includes the fighting compartment and the gearbox group, the latter engine and radiator.

I decided to not assemble the radiator because, once the model is completed, it will be completely hidden.

The assembling is easy almost everywhere, though you need to pay attention to the engine-radiator group, for the high number of pieces. The running gear, moreover, needs some particular care for the risk of not being aligned to the wheels.

This is how the assembled model looks like:


In the finished model, very little of the interiors of the CV 33 will be seen through the hatches. Nonetheless, I decided to paint and weather them as well.

cv 33 modello interni

I gave the crew compartment a "worn out" look, with scratches and a layer of grime, especially on the floor.

Then I stained the zone surrounding the fuel tank cap with sepia stains, simulating the petrol spills during the refueling.

cv 33 modello interni

The engine is painted in steel, the cooling pipes in rust color. I took the photos below before the weathering phase (and the paint is still fresh...).

I will eventually coat the engine block with a thin layer of gloss – almost transparent – black paint, to simulate the engine oi. The pipes, on the other hand, will be covered with rust pigments.

This "sardine can" (as it was often called by its crew) was so small that its model in 1:35 scale is as big as a normal 1:72 one. In the photo below, for example, it is compared with a Leopard 1A4 in that scale.

Size comparison between a CV 33 (scale 1:35) and a Leopard 1A4 (scale 1:72).
Left: CV 33 in scale 1:35. Right: Leopard 1A4 in scale 1:72.

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