Renault FT-17 – Diorama

This Renault FT kit includes a base that allows to create a small diorama set near an abandoned enemy trench.

The 29th model I completed depicts a French-built Renault FT-17 tank, produced towards the end of the First World War, put in a diorama. Due to the pandemic, I took a bit to finish it, from September 2019 to November 2021.

SU-100 – Diorama

In this post I write about how I created a diorama with a scale model of a SU-100, a Soviet tank destroyer used in the late years of the Second World War.

After an 8-months stop for work reasons, I finally managed to complete the diorama for this SU-100 model! It shows the Soviet tank destroyer of the late Second World War during a break between the fights on the Eastern Front.

Tiger I (1:72) – Diorama

I rebuilt my first model, a German Tiger I tank of the Second World War, in 1:72 scale, and I put it in a diorama!

Here is a diorama with the 1:72 scale version of my very first model, a German Tiger I heavy tank of the Second World War. Put into a little display case, it was a gift for a dear person.