Barbed wire

Here’s a brief tutorial about how to make a realistic-looking barbed wire that adds a bit more realism to your dioramas and scale models!

The barbed wire appears since more than a century in the battlefields, so it could end up in some of our scale model works!

The technique I'm using here is not my invention, you can find it everywhere on the Internet or in specialized magazines. However, for the sake of completeness, I'm putting here my personal experience too! 😉

Homemade rust

We can make pure rust, useful for painting and weathering our models, without the need of scraping some old iron piece!

I will explain here two methods, simple and cheap, I used to create a very fine orange rust powder, useful in painting and in weathering. You can use it as a pigment, fixing it with alcohol or turpentine, or mix it with an oil paint (like Burnt Sienna) in order to enrich its hues (thanks to Augusto for the tip!).