Models – 1

Here are the models I have built so far, in order of completion (page 1).

PzKpfw VI Ausf. E/H1 "Tiger"

My first tank, it "introduced" me to the scale modelling hobby. Far from perfect, excessively weathered, with a lot of seam lines and other flaws… but it's still my first one! 😉

C1 Ariete

Modern tanks always intrigued me. Once I saw on a shelf this Trumpeter kit, depicting the spearhead of Italian armored forces… and I bought it in a "patriotic outburst"!


This Russian "bad guy" has been another love at first sight. I tried on it, for the first time, acrylics paints and multi-tone camouflages (everything using only brushes!), as well as a "homemade" post-detailing!

Panther II

This has been my first try with airbrush and pigments… and the effect is nice! 😉

Merkava Mk. 4

I've always liked the "sci-fi" design of this tank, whose model allowed me to try a personal technique for making the anti-slip coating…