SU-100 – Diorama

In this post I write about how I created a diorama with a scale model of a SU-100, a Soviet tank destroyer used in the late years of the Second World War.

After an 8-months stop for work reasons, I finally managed to complete the diorama for this SU-100 model! It shows the Soviet tank destroyer of the late Second World War during a break between the fights on the Eastern Front.

SU-100 – Photo gallery

Here’s the photo gallery of my model of a SU-100 Soviet tank destroyer, used from the Second World War up until our days.

In this post you will find the photo gallery of my 27th model, a SU-100 Second World War-era Soviet tank destroyer. It took around 8 months to complete, from January to September 2018.

Barbed wire

Here’s a brief tutorial about how to make a realistic-looking barbed wire that adds a bit more realism to your dioramas and scale models!

The barbed wire appears since more than a century in the battlefields, so it could end up in some of our scale model works!

The technique I'm using here is not my invention, you can find it everywhere on the Internet or in specialized magazines. However, for the sake of completeness, I'm putting here my personal experience too! 😉

Sturmtiger – History

A bit of history about the German “Sturmtiger” assault gun of the Second World War, an impressive vehicle with a deadly armament.

This post is about the history of the Sturmtiger, a heavy assault self-propelled gun used by the German Army during the Second World War. Specifically designed to support infantry, it was capable of destroying enemy fortifications and buildings with a heavy caliber rocket projectile.