Bergepanzer 1 – Photo gallery

Assembling this model of Bergepanzer 1 has been very peculiar, due to the crane and several cables. Here’s the photo gallery!

The 28th model I made represents a US-built M88 A1G armored recovery vehicle (ARV), operated by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) under the designation Bergepanzer 1. It took approximately one year and 9 months to build, from September 2018 to late May 2020.

Bergepanzer 1 during a military exercise in 1999.

Bergepanzer 1 – History

History of the Bergepanzer 1, an armored recovery vehicle based on the American M88, previously used by the German Army (Bundeswehr).

The Bergepanzer 1 is an armored recovery vehicle used by the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundeswehr). It is a variant of the American vehicle M88, which is in turn based on the chassis of the M48 and M60 combat tanks.