CV 33 – Interiors

This model of CV 33 Italian tankette includes the interiors. Once I’ll complete it, very little of those will be visible, thus I’ll show them here.

The interiors of a scale model, like those of this CV 33, are not always completely visible once the work is completed. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean they don't deserve any attention!

An abandoned Italian Fiat Ansaldo CV33 light tank, left behind after a battle with British armoured cars on the Libyan frontier, 26 July 1940.

CV 33 – History

History of the Carro Veloce 33 (CV 33), a (too much) light tank used by the Royal Italian Army before and during the Second World War.

Here's a brief history of the Carro Veloce 33 ("Fast Tank 33", abbreviated in CV 33 and, later, in L3/33), an Italian light tank. It saw service in the Royal Italian Army in 1930s and early 1940s.