Panzer II “Luchs” – Photo gallery

Building this scale model of a German Panzer II “Luchs” has been quick and funny! In this photo gallery you can admire the results!

This is the eighth model I finished so far, built from May to August 2014. It depicts a reconnaissance light tank Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. L "Luchs" ("Lynx"), used by the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS during the Second World War, from 1943 to 1945.

Panzer II “Luchs” – Weathering (part 2)

I finished the weathering part of this Panzer II “Luchs” scale model adding some dust and mud effects to the hull and to the running gear.

I figured out that on a tank that could move fast, like the Luchs, the dirt would build up more in the rear part than in the front one. Thus, I put mostly there splashes of mud and dust effects.

Panzer II “Luchs” – Filters and washes

Oil filters and washes gave more color richness and depth to this scale model of a German Panzer II “Luchs”.

After the filters and the washes this model changed its look, passing from a camo with too much vivid color bands to a more uniform one, whereas the details, once "flat", are now highlighted.

Panzer II “Luchs” – Weathering (part 1)

Instead of always building a brand new tank, sometimes I like it a bit “worn out”, like I did for this model of Panzer II “Luchs”.

I chose to not weather the tank too much, as it's hard to find a vehicle with such a long operating life to let it wear. Moreover, no crew would keep its vehicle in such bad conditions!

Panzer II “Luchs” – Camouflage painting

For the camouflage of this Panzer II “Luchs” I chose to use the German three-tone scheme, that is a dark yellow base with soft-edged bands in olive green and red brown.

I painted this model with Tamiya acrylics, thinned with an isopropyl alcohol-based liquid. For the dark yellow ("Dunkelgelb") I used XF-67 Dark Yellow, which I faded, at different ratios, with XF-57 Buff. For the olive green ("Olivgrün") I used XF-67 NATO Green, whereas for the red brown ("Rotbraun") XF-64 Red Brown.