Panther II – Photo gallery

Here is the photo gallery of the scale model I made of a Panther II, a prototype of tank designed in Germany during the Second Worl War.

I started this scale model of Panther II in May 2012, finishing it ten months later. With it I tried for the first time three things: using an airbrush, painting a multi-tone camouflage with it and weathering with pigments. Apart few details, I'm satisfied with the overall outcome!

Panther II – Weathering

I obtained a more realistic look for this scale model by painting some scratches and by achieving rust, dust and mud effects with pigments.

The weathering is maybe the trickiest phase of modelling, because one risks to overdo the "worn out" look or to represent unrealistic effects; on the other hand, it is often the phase that allows to achieve a better realism.

Panther II – Filters and washes

I managed to improve a lot the look of my Panther II model using filters, washes and performing some other little changes.

Once I finished the base painting, I applied some filters in order to vary the colors of the model and some washes to improve its visual depth. Finally, I added the decals and some additional finishing touches.

Panther II – Camouflage painting

This was the first time I attempted to paint a complex camouflage with an airbrush, but the outcome was satisfying!

I painted the camouflage of this Panther II with the airbrush. I chose a German three-tone one with Dunkelgelb, Olivegrün and Schokoladenbraun, using an invented scheme (it's a "paper Panzer" anyway...).

Panther II – Assembling

In this article I talk about I assembled this Panther II scale model. Quite lengthy due to the tracks, but it has been quite funny after all!

The kit of this Panther II is by Cyber-Hobby, derived from an old Dragon one; in addition they added some photo-etchings, a bonus figure set (four "Volkssturm" soldiers) and an external tools set reissued with finer moulds. The detail is overall good, except for some inaccuracies, like the wrong turret shape.