T-34/85 – Photo gallery

Photo gallery of my model of T-34/85, a medium Soviet tank used during the Second World War and in later conflicts.

The model presented hereby is a Soviet T-34/85 medium tank, one of the most famous vehicles of the Second World War! It was used by the Red Army from 1944 to the end of 1960s. It is the 12th model I completed, built from May to August 2015.

T-34/85 Soviet tanks, winter 1944

T-34/85 – History

History of the T-34/85, a Soviet medium tank of the Second World War that is still in use in several countries.

The T-34/85 is an improved version of the Soviet T-34 medium tank, one of the most mass-produced of the History. It saw service for the first time with the Red Army in 1944, during the Second World War, and it is still in use in some countries.