Tiger I (1:72) – Diorama

I rebuilt my first model, a German Tiger I tank of the Second World War, in 1:72 scale, and I put it in a diorama!

Here is a diorama with the 1:72 scale version of my very first model, a German Tiger I heavy tank of the Second World War. Put into a little display case, it was a gift for a dear person.

Panzer VI "Tiger I" in northern France, spring 1944.

Tiger I – History

One of the armored fighting vehicles that made the history of the Second World War was for sure the fearsome German heavy tank “Tiger I”.

The PzKpfw VI Tiger I is perhaps one of the most famous tanks in the History. Officially designated as Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E, but simply known as Tiger, it was a German heavy tank used during the Second World War. It became one of the symbols of the German military technology of the time.