SU-100 – Diorama

In this post I write about how I created a diorama with a scale model of a SU-100, a Soviet tank destroyer used in the late years of the Second World War.

After an 8-months stop for work reasons, I finally managed to complete the diorama for this SU-100 model! It shows the Soviet tank destroyer of the late Second World War during a break between the fights on the Eastern Front.

SU-100 – Photo gallery

Here’s the photo gallery of my model of a SU-100 Soviet tank destroyer, used from the Second World War up until our days.

In this post you will find the photo gallery of my 27th model, a SU-100 Second World War-era Soviet tank destroyer. It took around 8 months to complete, from January to September 2018.

T-72 – Photo gallery

I wanted to give to this T-72 model a peculiar camouflage scheme, used in desertic theaters. Here is the photo gallery of my work.

This model shows a Soviet-built T-72 main battle tank, entered into service in 1973 and still in use. It is the 13th model I completed, built in my spare time from September 2014 to July 2015.